Drs. Burnett & Burnett Services Provided

Primary Eye Care
Comprehensive Eye Examinations
Diagnosis and Treatment of Injury and Disease
Treatment of eye infections and allergies
Dry Eye Treatment
Foreign Object Removal
Glaucoma Treatment
Cataract Care

  Diabetic eye care
Surgical Co-Management – Pre and Post Operative Care
Refractive Surgery Consultation
Perceptual Testing

Customized Contact Lens Design
Soft Disposables, including daily disposables
Tinted Contacts for fashion and disease
Toric Contact Lenses for astigmatism – soft and rigid
Bifocal and Multifocal Contacts – soft and rigid
Irregular Corneas – post surgical and disease related

State of the Art Optical Dispensary
Highest Quality Eyeglass Frames and Lenses
Thinnest and Lightest Lenses Available
1 year frame and 1 year anti-scratch warranties
Minimum 2 year antireflective warranty

Specialty Services
Vision Therapy
Low Vision

On Call Emergency Services