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5/4/2020:  At Drs. Burnett & Burnett we have been busy preparing to reopen our office for routine eyecare. WE WILL RE-OPEN OUR OFFICE ON MONDAY, MAY 11, 2020.  CDC guidelines kept us from providing non-emergency eye exams, but these guidelines have been lifted. However, we still need to consider our patients and our staff to maximize safety and minimize risk of exposure to COVID19. We are limiting the number of patients in the office and disinfecting all surfaces in between each patient.  When you call to book your appointment, you will be asked if you or any member of your household have tested positive or have any symptoms relating to COVID19. If so, we ask that you wait to schedule your visit. It is important for you to know what changes have been made to the normal office routine.

1. Call us when you arrive at the office and stay in your vehicle as you await further instructions. This is to minimize your exposure to others and to keep social distancing. This is in accordance with City, County and State Government recommendations.
2. PLEASE WEAR YOUR OWN MASK! You will not be seen without one.
3. You will have your temperature checked, and if you are running a fever, you will not be examined that day.
4. Do not bring anyone with you unless you need a caregiver or guardian. Children under the age of 18 need a parent. You will need to make arrangements for childcare as no other siblings can accompany the patient.
5. Please call ahead when picking up eyeglasses and contact lenses unless you are having them sent directly to your home. Walk-ins are discouraged and may result in your having to wait outside until we can accommodate you.

The safety of our community is paramount to us. The world has changed since your last visit with us, but one thing remains constant: our commitment to your health and well-being. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Dr. Lara Hubbard joined the practice in September of 2013 and will be seeing patients along with Dr. Charlene Burnett. Dr. Charlene has every confidence in Dr. Hubbard. She is smart and compassionate, and will continue the same level of care that the Burnetts have strived for over the past 37+ years.

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eye examWe developed our practice with one goal in mind--to provide the very best care to meet the visual and eye health needs of our patients. Our job is to make sure that people's eyes last them a lifetime! Keeping on the forefront of what's new in education, services and products, we strive to provide the latest in technology during your eye examination. We utilize products that are "cutting edge" in eyewear and contact lenses to provide our patients with the sharpest clarity and most comfortable vision possible.
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 eye exam, contacts, glasses near meThis is where you can find out about cutting-edge research relevant to eye and vision care and also about new products available in contact lenses and eyewear. Learn more and be "in the know" regarding the "latest and greatest" developments!
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